Welcome to My World of Vaping

Hey, my name is Yosi and I’ve been vaping for about a decade now. I first started vaping as soon as devices became available. That was a long time ago, too long for most people to remember. IT seems like eons ago now, but it was just a short few years ago. Back when I first started vaping, we only had cig-a-likes available and they were awful. The flavors were terrible and the throat hit was even worse. The only thing that made them tolerable was the fact that I could take a deep breathe after using them for just a few months.

When I was smoking cigs, taking a deep breath, or trying to, lead to an instant cough on exhalation. I was so unhealthy I couldn’t even breathe deeply! Can you believe that!? Those were the days man. The days that I don’t miss, not even for a second. Taking a deep breath on a cold crisp day is refreshing. It feels like taking a bite out of a delicious, yet airy fruit. Something so small can be easy to take for granite, but you would appreciate it had you made many bad decisions like me.

Even though I’ve been off the cigs for a while now, I still don’t have the life expectancy as someone who never smoked. It’s sad but once you’ve smoked for several years, your life expectancy never fully recovers. With each year you survive cigarette free it goes up a little. If you can manage to go cigarette free for ten years like me, your life expectancy will be near that of an otherwise healthy individual.

if there’s anything I can do to help you learn about vaping and what it’s like, email me.

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